Note that Blobity is a library focused on improving experience browsing the site with a cursor based navigation (eg. mouse). Smartphones or touch based devices might not be the best way to see what it does or test it out.

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The cursor is the heart of any interaction with the web.
Why not take it to the next level? 🚀

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Customizable for every use case

Yes, we're talking about the playful cursor blobbing around.

Every website is different and so, Blobity has a wide list of options to customize its look and behaviour. You can find the full list of options in developer documentation, and adjust it to fit any design.

Developer documentation
Magnetic elements
just hover over
Element specific settings
just hover over
Inverted background
just hover over
Fits all shapes as sizes
just hover over
Spring presets

Full control

Like it wasn't enough, Blobity has an API to control what it does programmatically. This way you can make sure the connection between your application and Blobity feels seamless.

Draw attention
Clarify things
Reset all of the above
Instant feedback
Hover to bounce

Ridiculously easy to integrate

1<script src="https://cdn.blobity.dev/by.js?autoStart&licenseKey=..."></script>
3<!-- or create instance manually to provide custom options -->
4<script src="https://cdn.blobity.dev/by.js"></script>
6    const blobity = new Blobity({
7        licenseKey: '...'
8    });
1import { useBlobity } from 'blobity';
3const Component = () => {
4    const blobity = useBlobity({
5        licenseKey: '...'
6    });
8    return <div />; 

Optimized AF

Blobity is using all kinds of optimization techniques under the hood, including making use of HTML5 canvas for all it's rendering, or scheduling frames through requestAnimationFrame to keep the smooth animations at all possible times.

The fact that it's a less than 7 Kb in a standalone (read bigger) version is just a cherry on top.

60 fps


Blobity has an GPLv3 open source license handy for anyone creating open source project themselves. In short, if you're creating a project with license compatible with open source GPLv3 license, you can go nuts without any further thinking.

For more complicated use cases or commercial use, there is a commercial license. The pricing is simple - license is purchased per project at fixed price. One license can be used for one website / application, regardless of the size, purpose, or the team working on the project.

For any special use case, please, contact support@gmrchk.com.

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Is Blobity free?

Blobity is distributed under GPLv3 license. As long as your project is open sourced under license compatible with GPLv3, you can use and modify Blobity without limits. The same applies to private projects that are not distributed publicly.

The important part of the license is that once you distribute your application utilizing Blobity to public in some way, you need to make your source code public too. As long as this fits your needs, feel free to use the open source license.

However, in case you need to keep your source code private for any reason, commercial license is a way to go.

As a bonus, any GitHub sponsors can use this product without limits for as long as the sponsorship is active. This applies to Blobity, as well as any other future projects.

How long can I use Blobity?

Blobity commercial license is unlimited time-wise. You can use Blobity for the entire lifetime of your project. No time limitations or ongoing costs.

Can I use it for developing commercial projects?

Yes, you can purchase commercial license here . Under this license, you are granted a license to use the SOFTWARE as part of one application, so long as that application is owned and operated by you, the LICENSEE, or is owned and operated by clients of LICENSEE.

Blobity throws missing license key warning.

If you're using Blobity under open source license, or you are eligible to use Blobity without purchasing license thanks to the GitHub sponsorship, you can use your GitHub username as a licenseKey option to prevent the warning. If you don't have Github account, opensource value will do too.

Can I use Blobity on multiple commercial projects?

Anyone can purchase unlimited number of licenses, but one license is always for one project and is not transferable.

Can I get a refund?

Blobity is published publicly to npm registry, and to GitHub including its source code, so there is plenty opportunity to try anything there is to try before purchasing your license. If you still feel unsatisfied after the purchase, please contact support@gmrchk.com in the first 14 days from your purchase.

Do I get access to updates?

You will have access to future updates and you can update to newer versions any time. All development happens in the public GitHub repository, and is being pushed to public npm registry as well following the semver versioning.

Do you offer ongoing support?

The better, the more stable, and the more features Blobity has, the more customers it can attract, so it will improve and get extended over time to some extent. Bugs are fixed in a timely manner.

However, the software comes as is at the time of your purchase, and no future developments are guaranteed. If you want to make specific per-case requests or are looking for personal support, let's talk at support@gmrchk.com.

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